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Top Slip Places to visit,Top slip is situated close Pollachi in the condition of Tamil Nadu, India, at an elevation of 800 feet from the ocean level on the Anamalai mountain range. It is a part of the ensured Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary. Top slip is honored with a delicate elevation, salubrious atmosphere and a variety of greenery. Its pleasant area and remarkable landscape has made it a famous area for a few motion picture groupings. It stands gloriously with Green Spread Mountains and timberland all around. It is a Project Elephant haven and a Project Tiger asylum. The nearby regulatory control is with the Forest Range Officer under supervision from the Wildlife Warden at Pollachi.

Places to Visit and Activities

All guests to Top slip need a license issued by the Wildlife Warden office of the Forest Department at Pollachi. Inhabitants are absolved from license. Guests without a grant might be turned back at the check post. Untamed life Warden (Wildlife Warden Office, 178 Meenkarai Road, Pollachi,

Top slip is a spot where one can do nothing and leave away new! The more adventurous can go on timberland treks planning to spot anything from the Indian Bison, a few varieties of deer, wild pig, wild elephants, Asiatic wild pooches, sloth bear and the tricky tiger. Most creatures are nighttime guests and consequently a night ride masterminded by the timberland division is very prescribed. There is an elephant preparing camp which is justified regardless of Top Slip Places to visit. Numerous travelers suggest the elephant safari as it winds through the backwoods: post for the Nilgiri languors! Despite the fact that wildcat locating is uncommon. Notwithstanding, there is a lot of fauna. Top slip is an  ornithologists delight: there are almost 250 types of winged animals in the Karian Shola range, however be cautioned, the feared King Cobra is never distant!

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Parambikulam Trekking Kariyanshola path – watch out for leeches

This package is to be had for the day visitors as well because the viewers halting in different packages who prefer to explore the character by foot. A trail via mesmerizing average world and beautiful evergreen forests with a mosaic of numerous endangered medicinal plants and orchids. Kariyanshola path offers to expertise the nature at its pristine nice and it’s really a deal with to your eyes and soul. Enjoy Kariyanshola path. The route for the Kariyanshola path starts from Anappdy – Rock point – Kariyanshola – Teak plantation and again to Anappady protecting 6 km. The expenses for Kariyanshola trial for two men and women 500 and for further humans a hundred/head with highest of ten men and women per group. Two informed naturalists shall be furnished for the complete commute.

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Trekking to Pugmark trail – comply with the footprints of the jungle king

Top Slip TrekkingThis package deal is available for the day visitors as good because the viewers halting in extraordinary applications who prefer to discover the nature through foot. That is an opportunity to monitor these superb pugmarks left in the back of by using the finest and charismatic cat – The Tiger. In the course of the path you may additionally witness other first-class carnivores like Dholes and leopards aside from countless herbivores like Elephants, Gaur, Sambar, spotted Deer, primates like Nilgiri Langur, LTM, slender loris and omnivores like Sloth bear and many others. The route for the Pugmark trial begins from Anappady – Seechali – Seechali Bridge – number one. Tunnel entry again to Anappady protecting 6 km. The charges for Pugmark trial for 2 persons 500 and for additional people a hundred/head with maximum of ten men and women per crew. Two educated naturalists will probably be provided for the whole travel.

Places to Visit Elephant & Jeep Safari

Are you a loved ones with a child / kids? Then that is anything your kids would love. Correctly this will also be enjoyable for almost any one . Take an Elephant Safari alongside together with your household into the jungle for round 45 minutes and have a blast of a time.

Elephant Safari Timings – Morning: 11 am to 2 pm. Time duration : 45 Minutes. For four folks – Rs.800/-
woodland department automobile Safari. Morning: 7.00 am to 10.00 am evening: 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm. Time length: 45 minutes. For 25 members / auto * one hundred twenty/man or woman = Rs.3000